My 2016 Award Eligibility Post

First time I’ve done this, but it seems to be the done thing, so here goes!

Short fiction (for the Hugos, Nebulas, and others):

The Sky, Falling – Terraform (750 words)

This is probably my favourite story I had published this year, and I really love the art it was paired with. My other eligible stories from 2016 are:

Over the Top – Stupefying Stories (1000 words)

The Berlin Doctrine – Sci Phi Journal (3500 words – behind a paywall)

Roots and Bones – Strangelet 2.2 (4000 words – not available online)

The Traveler Discovers He Is Dying – Zetetic (300 words)

Me and My Heart – The Colored Lens (1000 words)

Poetry (for the Rhysling Award):

The Doctor’s Assistant – Apex 80

The Labyrinth Keeper – Apex 87

Dinner for Two – Grievous Angel, April

Apocalyptotheque – Starline 39.4 (not available online)

2016 is also my first year of eligibility for the Campbell Award.

Thanks for reading!

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